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Default Re: Angel and her three little kittens in need of a loving home

I also have a soft spot for those bob-tails!

I looked up 'kentut' in my Malay-English dictionary, sat back in my chair and thought, "HUH...???" I sniffed briefly at Maneki's short, kinky, little tail. Nope, nothing unusual. Thank you, Farah, for clearing up that matter!

So, Charlene. What about that gender story of yours? Share it with us -- I need to get my mind off this adorable, ekor kontot kitten that Maneki would not want in her house...

Originally Posted by sillylupie View Post
Hahaha, Blackie you make me laugh ...

Should share your story about your "gender" on your job application form! :)

Anyway, back to Angel's kitty. I hope he finds a home real soon, good thing Jimmy follow-up on the adoption.

Angel is the cat who gave birth after a bath? Correct?
It is amazing that her kittens have grown so much!

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