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Default Re: Angel and her three little kittens in need of a loving home

Ya lor, you know me....I stumble around the most common words. And I have no excuse. All my books in school were in bahasa, with only ONE book in english!

I still remember my history teacher asking if i was taught in malay or english when i asked if i could answer in english instead of malay....needless to say, she refused to let me answer in english, so i was the last one that remained standing while one by one my classmates raised their hands, answered the questions correctly and were allowed to sit down.

oh, another one that i ALWAYS got mixed-up.....kelapa or kepala....air kelapa or air kepala....I know I had got it wrong when the makcik or pakcik selling coconut juice burst out laughing...

Originally Posted by sillylupie View Post
Hahaha, Blackie you make me laugh ...

Should share your story about your "gender" on your job application form! :)

Anyway, back to Angel's kitty. I hope he finds a home real soon, good thing Jimmy follow-up on the adoption.

Angel is the cat who gave birth after a bath? Correct?
It is amazing that her kittens have grown so much! sorry Amanda, for making you refer to your Malay-English dictionary, and for having to sniff Maneki's butt. It can't be very pleasant.

The gender story....I had just returned from London, a freshie, all eager to work. I had applied for a job at NST, and was called for interview. At the interview, while waiting for my turn to be grilled by the BBQ panel, I was given an application form to fill out.

This was the first time I had ever seen Malay words after years of seeing ONLY ENGLISH words. It was like looking at a piece of document in Latin!

I had rewire my brain to read in Malay....translating each word. I came to Jantina (Gender) and I was stumped. Then I remembered. Betina is female. So I filled out betina.

At the interview, the panel of interviewers laughed, and told me very gleefully that betina is applicable for animals, and that the correct word is perempuan.

Originally Posted by Maneki Neko View Post
I also have a soft spot for those bob-tails!

I looked up 'kentut' in my Malay-English dictionary, sat back in my chair and thought, "HUH...???" I sniffed briefly at Maneki's short, kinky, little tail. Nope, nothing unusual. Thank you, Farah, for clearing up that matter!

So, Charlene. What about that gender story of yours? Share it with us -- I need to get my mind off this adorable, ekor kontot kitten that Maneki would not want in her house...
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