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Talking Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad: Compare For Yourself

Hi Andy and friends,


Why only Singapore can receive it earlier?

I will try there 'coz supposedly living in Langkawi is tax free zone but the gadgets are more expensive than KL...don't understand really.
Anyway in KL got ZONE duty free, price doesn't have any difference.
Food/housing/Techs prices are almost same in KL but in very inconvenient time and day. At least in KL you can choose shops and a lot of offers/promos.
There is only mini-shops (some mini-shops are closed) & club opens after 10 pm and ATM mostly Offline or no cash.You have to go town to deposit or get some cash where you can go shopping as well. This is general info for someone who live almost 1 year here.

One day, I pray I hope I can open a mini pet shop for food/accessories for dogs & cats.

Heck..I can be a victim of recon or pirated when buying hasty tech gadgets here. I will wait until KL or try in Apple Store that you have mentioned.

Merry Xmas and Happy 2011!!!! Have fun & enjoy.

Best Regards to all,
Originally Posted by AndyKoh View Post
Yup, there are going to be many competitors rushing out with tablets to exploit the market built by Apple, just like iPhone.

Then again, unless you have access to a foreign country's store, Malaysia almost always receives Apple products a few months later than others, so iPad 2 might only arrive second half of 2011.

That actually gives the competitors a headstart in Malaysia with their newer models that'd most likely arrive first next year.

I usually recommend people buying it from Singapore's Apple Store, which receives the item much faster than Malaysia, unless you have friends in US who can ship it over to you.
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