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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad: Compare For Yourself

Yes, Andy , so true. There are pros & cons in our daily life even to the place we called 'home'. We just make the best out of it. I'm still missing KL but if I'm there in KL, all I miss only Langkawi's sandy beach and breezy fresh air...
Nokia & Acer will be launching their tabs ,so too, can compete with iPad II. Now I can't wait for that version as it is sizzling topic currently, I can't wait my hands are all over it....
What is the hot thing about it anyway? It makes me curious more.
Any ideas, what's the juicy buzz about iPad II?

Originally Posted by AndyKoh View Post
Merry Christmas to you too, Eve!

Well, you see, Apple devices are in hot demand, and they only become available in stages at other countries, starting from those that have a high customer base. Malaysia definitely does not fall into their Tier 1 category... so we always have to wait a few months at least.

And like you see, iPad was launched in April in United States, but only become available more than half a year later here. Singapore is prioritized over Malaysia, so they always receive the devices earlier than us.

Well, you get fresher air and nicer views at Langkawi as opposed to the concrete jungle, exhaust fumes and noise pollution over here in KL
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