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Default Re: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad: Compare For Yourself

Hi Andy,
Thank you for sharing the info.
Now, I have to focus on Kindle or any e-book reader out there.

It is true about 7" for a phone (LOL)... Nah too bulky for a phone and for a tab is not suitable if you can't enjoy the application on the screen, why having it in the 1st place? You are right. It is not convenient for a 'tab'.

Thanks again for 'free' marketing.

Best Regards,

Originally Posted by AndyKoh View Post
I just tested out a Samsung Galaxy Tab yesterday.. and here's my opinion of it:

1) It's a really, really close imitation of iPad.. The icons, look and feel, slide to unlock and various user interface components are like a straight copy from iPad without much innovation. Even the address book, ebook reader, etc apps are so similar. I'm surprised they followed so closely.

2) It's easier and lighter to carry around, with a 7" screen. In fact, carrying it around is not unlike carrying a Kindle.

3) It wins iPad by having a phone and camera. But in my opinion, the phone feature is not important - I for one definitely would not be carrying around a 7" phone haha.. and if that becomes your main phone, it'll definitely be a hassle to carry it wherever you go, and easy to lose it as you have to always put it on the table.

4) It is definitely more extendable than iPad by having USB connection and supports SD card. iPad is like a blackbox, and you cannot extend its storage space or easily transfer data into it.

5) In terms of gaming and apps, iPad wins hands down, with over 350,000 apps and games to choose from. Android market is fast improving, but the variety of quality apps is still quite lacking behind.

6) Samsung Galaxy's Android Froyo 2.2 operating system and UI is more configurable than iPad's. That's really something Apple should learn - openness and configurability.

7) Watching videos and playing games don't give me as good a feel as the iPad, which has a much larger and nicer screen.

8) It was sold at a price of RM2600+, which I think is quite overpriced. You can get an iPad 16Gb for RM1600+ or 32Gb for RM1800+.

Here's my summary in short:

1) A hybrid phone-tablet device like Samsung Galaxy doesn't seem effective and convenient to me. It's too bulky for a phone, and too small for a tablet.

2) If you want a gaming or media consumption device, get an iPad. If you want to make calls, get a good phone - iPhone, HTC or any others, that can fit into your pocket!
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