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Originally Posted by anitayusof00 View Post
Kat P. Perhentian ada jerung ker ?

Best destination...mmmm...this is very complicated to answer. I think it's much easier to choose which destination that I hated most (of course SYDNEY !!! Very bad experience there. Nx will be Paris & Vientiane - communication susahnya !!!). Having been to many destinations, to me each and every country @ place has it's own uniqueness.
Bali - very romantic, and so more sebab gi situ dgn hb, honeymoon.
Phi Phi, Thailand - also ada very nice memory kat situ, which makes the place very special to me.
Swiss & Austria - who can ever forget the beauty of the Alps ?
Munich & Cologne, Germany - love the architecture and the cleanliness.
Holland - The land below sea level. I only truly understand the dike when I go there to see for myself. So to recall the history of the small boy who used his tiny finger to save Haarlem from flooding is much more impressive.
New Zealand - the most beautiful place in the world dat I've ever been.
Mount Pyrenees (on the way from Paris - Andorra - Barcelona by train) - so so beautiful, feels like in heaven.
Barcelona - Very artistic city. La Ramblas especially....I would rather regard it as the center of the universe. If you've been there, I'm sure you'll agree with me.
Trans Asia Express (Tehran - Istanbul) - views along Murat River was AMAZING !!!
Istanbul - Very dis city soooo much !!!
Iran - Also beautiful in it's own way...but the most beautiful about this country is the ppl's hospitality.....terkenang2 sampai saat ini...
Egypt - If you r into the pharaoh thingee and it's history, then it's Ooohhhhs and Ahhhhsss.....
Belgium - chocs, chocs and more chocs.
Cambodia, India & Indon - What I remember most is the poor ppl and their sorrows....Pity....
Kuwait & Singapore - Very very well planned and organized city.
Sri Lanka - Love the beach.
Laos (Luang Prabang) - Go there if you seek adventure.
Bangkok - Shopping heaven.
London - Love everything about Ldn especially the very efficient underground & the museums....yg tak suka cuma $$$ jer...everything is soooo damnnn expensive !!!
HK - Sama mcm Ldn gak...but if u know how to bargain, syiokk wooo shopping kat HK.
Macau - Beautiful historical has European touch (Portugese).
Last but not least, of course my lovely country Malaysia. Aku suka Melaka, Kuala Terengganu and the beaches of the east coast.
kak nita mmg ada jerung kat pulau god!bnyknye tempt akak dah pg..saya belum pernah menjejaki kaki ke langkawi,singapore,sabah, sarawak and perlis .haish..bila laa nak berkemampuan gi travel backpacking nih
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