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Default Re: RIP Oreo, my panda-like guinea pig.

Originally Posted by Fyfyn View Post
Oreo died on 29th October 2012. I suspect that she suffered from heat stroke but the vet says that she is just having an upset tummy. The night before she died, she didn't want to eat anything! I gave her timothy hay, cucumber and carrot but she was not interested in any. I tried petting her but she didn't give any response. She just freeze at the corner of the cage. The next morning she is still the same and didn't want to eat. She died in car during our way back home from the vet The cause of death is not clear. I don't know why she left me you're always in my heart, Oreo

She's a very good piggie. And a very LOUD wheeker! I still remember the day when my car was stolen, I let them have their floor time in my room while I just lay on my bed crying about the stolen car and then Oreo came straight to me to check out what's wrong. I miss her so much

Fortunately her cage partner, Mochaboy is not depressed without Oreo. I gave him new cage mates though. RIP Oreo
Dear Fyfyn, welcome to Petfinder, and it's sad that your first post is about the passing of one of your guinea pigs -- Oreo sounds like she was a special animal! I hope you will find members here with whom to share information and stories.
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