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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

My friend's friend is selling puppies, i dun think he get from reputable breeders. He sells those exotic types like huskies, golden retriever, poddle, and many more for a fee of RM1k - 2K. Hes a tarik kereta punya orang n kaki pukul. He promotes it in universities and colleges, so alot ppl come n buy. Problem is when ppl see a cute puppy they will juz buy it, most of the time it never come across their mind where this animals come from?wats their history?does it has a cert?

When something like dat happens, wat can u do? need to educate ppl to boycott. And need to find effective way. Like perhaps educate ppl what they need to know before they get a dog. List down the breed, has it been vaccinated, whose the mama, whose the papa, bring them to see the mama and papa. wats its medical history n so on.

anyway i support wat u doin DIMB, i'll my best to try to spread the word n educate my other frens
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