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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Yup, that is why we need to speak out against BYB and kitten mill.

Not because we don't approve of people buying pets instead of adopting (I have no problem with people buying pets, don't get me wrong), not because we are judgemental, but because if we continue to support those people, they will carry on their activities, and papa & mama cats will just breed until they die. When there is demand, there will be supply.

At the risk of making more enemies here, I urge everyone to come out clean here and speak the truth without fear or favour.

Everyone, this is not a witch-hunt or attack. If you're a BYB before, or involved in any unethical or hypocritical practise, no one will criticise you (at least, I shall not) if you realize what you did was wrong, admit it and change for the better. Nobody is perfect, and everyone here is learning and changing for the better. I think people only get upset if you try to shift the blame to others and refuse to admit you were wrong.

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
Blackie, I was ignorant too about BYB before until I read about it in the forum and saw the documentary that Oprah did on Kitten and puppy mills. The documentary really brought tears to my eyes. Some of the animals never even step on the ground let alone feel grass on their feet. All they know is the four walls of their tiny cages. All cages are stack upon each other. They don't even have proper litter pans. They lie in their poo poo and wee wee. It was really heart sickening to watch it. The puppies and kittens sent to the petshops are groomed nicely and made to look cute and adorable to attract buyers whilst their mum and dads are rotting in their cage. Its a disgrace.
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