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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Originally Posted by chemonk View Post
adei... saya ckp kucing bawah jagaan kita lerr... kita pandai jaga.. kucing sehat.. tak perlu hantar gi klinik bagai... ok tak? hiks...

bukan ckp pasal kucing dlm sangkar kecik.. tu dah sah sah la kejam.. patuty di sula je org yg buat cam tuh... hahahahah.. apa apa pun...

ari wiken lepas.. saya turun kl.. jumpa sorg abg ni bawak kucing dlm beg.. nampak mcm org2 senang.. sebab tgk kucing lawa... tiba-tiba ada sorg adik kecik pakai tudung mintak sedekah... dia boleh halau mcm tu je...

itu lah yg saya maksud kan dgn....

"duit saya... saya boleh buat apa yg saya suka"

tapi tulah... jaga kucing bukan main nak rak... sesama manusia.. nak kasik derma 2-3 inggit pun.... mak aiiiiii.....

eh.. kenapa tetiba bukak citer mcm ni plak... hahahahahahah**matilaaku..
Sangat2 tidak setuju..kenapa?akan explain dibawah ni..heh..

Originally Posted by rozzygee View Post
iskk pedass! pedass!..
Don't worry Kak Gee, tak ada apapun yang pedas di sini...

Originally Posted by sillylupie View Post
In KL there are syndicates that make fortune out of homeless children (sometimes abuse them, beat them up to look pitiful).

Now tell me, what did you do when you saw the little girl being turned away? Did you try to approach and find out more about her life, family members? OR, did you just simply walk away and ignore it all?

Well, if you did, you are just like the man with the cat.

If you handed her some Ringgits without knowing her story, you could be supporting a despicable syndicate.
(Just like buying a pet from a BYB ..)
Totally agree with you Kak Lupie on the matter of the pengemis or the pemintak derma syndicates..
Eh, sorry for the out of topic...
" Bad things happen. Trust that good things happen, too.
Sometimes you’ve just got to close your eyes, hold on tight and believe. "

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