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Default Re: Campaign Stop puppy and kitten Backyard breeder do trade through Pet Shop

Originally Posted by Felix The Cat View Post
Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who bought a cat from BYB that is healthy. What about others who bought sickly cats from BYB but have not come forward? I know for a fact that one of the forumers did buy a cat from a BYB and that cat died because of illness. And what did the BYB do? He just 'CUCI TANGAN'. Not all cats from BYB will be healthy as I said like you could be one of the lucky ones. E.g. Factory manufactoring goods.... maybe 1 out of the hundreds of items produced is faulty so its exactly the same like BYB. We don't know what sort of dieseases that the parents have or carry and it could be hedietary passed on to their kittens.

Memang betul apa you kata.... jaga kucing tu bukan sebab nak dan comel atau nak sebab jiran atau kawan pun ada. Lepas tak comel atau bunting terus buang. Having a pet is a life time commitment.
sori ek kak felix... saya bukan jenis beli kucing punya org.. kucing2 saya semua yg kutip dekat kedai makan dan juga kutip dgn kawan saya yang nak gi oversea...

satu lagi... mcm sillyuppie tu cakap... knp nak taruk price tag kat kucing???? sindiri mau pikir la beb.. byb ke breeder ke.. memasing letak harga kan??? kan kan kan sillyyuppie?...

**lariii laju laju supaya korang tak bleh kejar dah... hehehehe
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