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Default Re: Shiraz, gone but will always be remembered

Thanks... God bless all of you!

Yes, you're right Maneki.. It's been a roller coaster for me this year. It's tough and hope that it'll get better soon..

At least now can put my mind off the curiosity of his cause of sudden death. Done some research and seems like he had pulmonary edema symptoms, a kinda pneumonia that doesn't show clinically symptoms until to the last stage. What bothers me is why the vet did not perform any treatment for pneumonia? ie draining of fluid fr lungs.

Just like I thought and assumed, Shiraz was a victim of a string of wrong-place-wrong-time kinda situations. From the beginning, the Cheras vet was outta oxygen supply and that's the reason why we went to UPM vet. The journey itself, on a Friday morning peak hours have somewhat caused stress on Shiraz. The incident at UPM was, came to my mind rationally now, like of what a bunch of under grads in a lab experimenting a sick cat with neither incomplete equipments nor hands-on experiences, tragically on a Christmas eve. To conclude this misfortune (or fate), although I wanted to absorb 100% that his demise was fated, I still believe that he would be in better hands IF ONLY a well trained vet attended to him instead and determined the symptoms immediately. Of all disappointment and heart wrenching moments, one thing I regretted the most is not knowing his cause of death, as the vet herself couldn't find what really happened to him. I have to shake it off of my mind and accept the fact and move on but it is my responsibility to forewarn all feline lovers to be more alert and never leave your beloved little friend while the vet is attending to him.

I didn't mean to blame anyone 'cause I believe things happen for a reason and it's fated that he'd go that way.. I'm slowly accepting it but too hard to swallow just yet.

Let's just hope that one day, God give my Shiraz back to us...

::the 3d clanz::
Everything happens for a reason
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