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Default Re: Hi to all CatLovers...

Originally Posted by sarahseben View Post
Yeah, i think that's the main reason kot..hmm..bole jer cakap elok2..i takde pon jerit jerit kat dorang..pfftt...

i takdala pernah nampak in reality..but i came across your friendster jer dulu2..we never met.if u check out boy's friendster, i'm using sarah seben as well..hahahaha anyway, nice to meet u
Tak per sarah.. yg lepas jgn dikenangkan kay.. hope you happy with all ur furries babies and angels...

OIC... tak per, nanti i check kat boy nyer page kay.. orite sarah nice to meet you too... *nasib baek tak pernah jumpa in reality.. (malu)
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