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Default Re: On the first day of Raya, my true love gave to me...

His face is so sweet and beautiful. You mean his owners just left for holidays and leave him outdoors to fend for himself? Poor cat.

He's lucky you live nearby and could take care of him.

Some owners are like that, really irresponsible. In my former place, once, during Raya, I saw a very young kitten on our stairs (it's a walk-up apartment). It's about 2 or 3 months old. I knew it has to belong to one of the residents on the block as there's an electronic accesss door on the stairs which the kitten couldn't have come through. Anyway, I put an empty box with towels for it as its bedding and gave it food and water for about 3 days. Then, one morning, it just disappeared, and didn't come back for food or water anymore....I guess the owner returned home.
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