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Default Re: How to Train Your Dog to Wear Clothes

Choong Hon Kit,
Do dog really need Clothes at Malaysia? My friends dog at snow place doesnt wear any clothes. But one thing to be sure, it just cosmetic to the dog.

Originally Posted by petzboutique View Post
Step 1

Training a dog to wear clothes is similar to training them to do just about anything. You need to start them when they're young so that they are raised with the understanding that wearing clothes is normal.

Step 2

Start with something easy, like a shirt, and make sure it isn't too tight. Let them wear it around the house and do normal everyday activities like eating, playing and sleeping. Make sure to give them lots of praise so that they don't see clothing as a punishment.

Step 3

The most effective rewards are words of praise that are used in an affectionate and enthusiastic tone. A caress, pat or stroking of the head are great positive cues for your pup.

Step 4

Edible rewards can also be used, but behavior should not be dependent on the prize. Well-trained adult dogs shouldn't need an edible reward in order to do what they're told.

Step 5

You will get the best results from the mildest punishment and the most exaggerated praise during the beginning of your training. Once the dog has mastered the skill, affection as reward will suffice.

Step 6

If your dog hangs his head, tries to hide or fights you when you pull out the clothes be gentle and soothing, but remember that this is a skill that you want them to master and in the end they should be obeying you.

Step 7

Even if you're not a huge fan of dogs in clothing and costumes it still might be important that your dog wear a coat on cold winter days. If they shiver or hold their paws in the air on a cold day, you should consider buying a dog coat for them to wear while outside. Keeping your dog warm is important to the health and care of your best friend.

Step 8

Training your dog to wear clothing takes time and persistence. Remember how long it took you to train him to sit and walk on a leash; you should expect to devote as much time to clothes training as have with everything else.

Petz Boutique
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