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Default Re: What sort of cat food to feed your cat/kitten?

I'm also on a hunt for a good budget food because I cant afford high premium food for all my 17 cats, later I'm gonna end up as a stray. Hehe..anyways, got a problem with my vetmaster I bought 2 days ago. Just 2 hours ago wasting my time filtering all my 10kg vetmaster from pantry bugs. And how in the world they got in there? Usually it will take them a week to develop..but I got them just in 2 days? Man, I'll send a complain to my vet shop tomorrow. Anyways, still gonna hunt for more better cat food for my cats. If someone deserved to be love, it's them. They did not chose to live in the streets begging to be long for, as dirty as they were, as skinny as they look. They are just another living creature worthy of companionship :)
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