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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

No, it's really not fair, and despite what some people here say, I think KL is a better because of SPCA. If it ceases to exist, there will be more abandoned animals and strays on the streets as the irresponsible owners would just throw them out.

Yours is a thankless task, Mrs Dolittle, and I truly admire you for persisting. Your kindness will be rewarded.

Originally Posted by mrsdolittle View Post
Hello Blackie007,

Need not thank me, just doing my job. Thanks to all for raising questions and issue, so it could be made cleared and also to be brought forward to the management. Like it or not...

About DSH not being popular, (sigh...) If you were there to see how fast the semi / pure breed being re-homed and left the DSH waiting ...and dunno for how long. Poor thing.... I mean, nothing against the Pedigree. Its not their fault, but the human's choice and preferences. What can we do?

This is why I keep on emphasizing and calling all people out there to come and help these poor creature out of the shelter.

About the pricing, you can always refer to me and we will surely get back to any of you.

The only thing here is there are more and more cats, kittens, dogs and puppies being abandoned and surrendered to the shelter. its getting too much. Its really sad. Regardless what being said about the shelter, people still come to us for these means .

Its not easy Blackie, but if everybody gives up on us, the poor animals are going to be the victim. Its not fair at all.

There is nothing fair about this world but, somewhere, somehow, somebody needs to do the dirty job (not proud of it). If we are not here, then who will?

Cheers Sis.
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