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Default Re: Spca ampang in need of more adopters...

Originally Posted by sillylupie View Post
DIMB & FK, Maneki raised the issue on adoption fees. Mrs. Dolittle responded professionally that she will look into it.
And she did look into it, I might add! I notice that one day after I raised the question, the adoption fees for SPCA cats listed on Petfinder dropped to RM150.

Now, we might still wonder if even that is a reasonable amount, but we should all remember that Mrs. Dolittle is not a paid member of the SPCA staff. This is not her decision to make. She is a volunteer who is giving her time and effort, doing heart-breaking work and still managing to address questions posed here. Why? It's not because she's devoted to SPCA, but because she wants to re-home more animals. I may still have some issues with the organization, but I truly respect the work that she, as an individual, is doing, and her presence can only improve SPCA.

No matter what frustrations we have with SPCA Selangor, the fact remains that it is still probably the #1 dumping ground for strays and pets, and I really admire this lady's efforts to get those animals out of there.
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