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Default Re: CPU Not working - help

Originally Posted by filinlee View Post
eh blackie.. wanna ask u for quite sometime dy... how u post if u r not logged in ar??? weird maa..... i see ur post when i refresh back u r not on9.... ishhhh....

what is i-jeanne? rm500? so cheap??? 1-1.5k??? reliable or not first.....
hahaha, filin, this is what andy would say cyber-telepathy..... and only james bond kitty or vampires can do that....

But seriously, it beats the shit out of me......I noticed that myself, too....first I log in, then i compose. when i submit, it says i'm not logged on, to log on first. so i log on, thinking my maxis is acting up again (the line drops every now and then). after i log on, i saw hey, my post is already there!!

Originally Posted by vivienlpl View Post
it can be the powebox..i experienced this before..many times..kaboom twice because my voltage when i direct plug is very bad - my cpu died - new one die instantly basically all my pc new one always die on me one less than 1 month

now i got a regulator but then again i can sense its a bit cracky spike sound coming out from my speaker......

if the screen blank ...but cpu working..... then graphic or ram

lightning strike.......filinlee surf during thunderstorm ar?? your whole pc sure explode instantly .... including you "goreng"...

dont play with thunder!
the whole pc can explode instantly and goreng me? u serious vivien? there're plenty of thunderstorms and lightnings here in kepong, in fact, nearly everyday, and i'm online all the time. my pc and modem is on 24/7 because my home alarm system and cctv is connected to it, so i don't switch it off. i may or may not be on the net, but nothing is ever turned off.

but maybe i'm protected becos i have a lightning arrestor on the the roof? i live in a condo and i'm on the top floor......does that make any difference?
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