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Default Re: Im Looking For A shih tzu either schnauzer

I agree with Maneki... please look through Petfinder for adoptable dogs. Puppies are like babies (I think they're even WORSE because they pee and poo everywhee!). It won't help your mother, having sleepless nights and worrying over a puppy. Find her a well adjusted, calm adult dog. There are hundreds of them around.

Trust me, I raised my puppy from 11 weeks old and I can say that I may never ever get another puppy ever. Not at least until they're 5-6 months old and can hold their pee and poop longer than 2 hours. Puppies are A LOT OF WORK. Unless you want your mom to have one more thing to worry about, find her a calm, loving adult dog.

And please please please don't buy dogs and puppies from petstores or people who try to sell their badly bred puppies for a profit. These people don't care about the dogs or you. They care only about their $$.
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