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Default Re: Would you risk your own life to save your Pet?

we all know how far we'll go. i know i'm not sure if i'll be able to risk my own life to save my pet when i'm confronted with the situation. and i dont think this poll is to show how good we are as animal lovers.

and i also understand the part about the medical fees. we do what we can afford.

but i think the question is deeper. it's about your heart. there are people have RM100,000 savings in their account but not willing to pay RM2000 in medical fees. of course if you are struggling to put food on table, then no one expects you to come out with RM2000 for medical fees. where to get that money? it's crazy, right?

so, i don't think it's a mojo thing as you suggested. i think it's a question that makes you look deep into your heart, that's all.