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Default Re: Would you risk your own life to save your Pet?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat a question, DIMB!

Okay, you ask a "pening" question and I will give you a "pening" answer :

My head says "No" but my heart says "Yes" and it depends on which one is ruling my body at that point of time ... as humans we have all done silly and illogical things at one time or other, especially as teenagers.

To cut short the beating around the bush, my answer at this point of time (when none of my pets are in mortal danger) is theoretically "NO" (not that I will simply go get another pet, but logically, my mind tells me that I need to help the others ... and if I am gone, there will be one less person able to help them, and there are really so few of us and sooooooo many of them!).

But don't be surprised to see me acting the perfect fool jumping into the fire to save my precious irreplaceable little mouser, Tiger ... in times of emergencies and life threatening situations, within that split second, often we do not have the luxury of time to hesitate and think at all ... and in that split second, it would be pure reflex ... that is why in the military they do drills.
"We organized in the past to make Trap-Neuter-Return possible. Today, we organize to make Trap-Neuter-Return the norm and to end the unnecessary killing of cats in animal shelters across the country and provide humane care." - Alley Cat Allies

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