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Default Re: Help!!!! IT help required!!

Yup there's a PIKOM PC Fair at KLCC this brother's working with a company owned by Lee Chong Wei! asked my brother for a signature from him but he forgot..perhaps you can tell me what kind of computer/laptop you're looking for and I can ask my brother to give you a hand

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post
Before I begin, I'd like to thank Andy, Euanna, Fir and monkee84 for responding to my call for help. I really, really appreciate it!

I think you are right, Andy. earlier today, there was a temporary power failure, and i had a tough time turning on my PC after that. i always face this problem if there's a power cut, so i don't switch off the electricity supply. it's hard to turn on my PC once electricity supply to it is cut.

but i think that could be just one of its problems. it wasn't just when i run the picasa software. it also happened when i used the software that came with my panasonic lumix camera. but when i use the software that came with my canon camera, it was ok, no problem.

i had no problem playing house of the dead 3, but haven't tried other games yet. they were removed last year when i reformatted my PC.

i can upload the photos to shutterfly & photobucket, no problem. i can also upload to picasaweb AS LONG AS I don't open the picasa editing software.

YES! Only the monitor black out. The CPU is still working like normal, with fan sound, and light.

Errr.....this may sound silly, but how hot is hot? I touched my CPU, and it isn't cold to my hand, it's warm to the touch, like warm this normal?

the CPU did not auto-reboot. i couldn't even get it to reboot. i had to switch off the electricity supply, press the on/off button on the CPU, switch off the electricity supply again.....repeat a few times before i managed to turn it on.

you mean, the graphics card will LITERALLY melt??? OMG!!!

Fir, thank you so, so much for your very kind offer. I'm very touched.

I think it's most likely hardware problem, after reading what Andy & Euanna have to say. I think I'll take it to a technician this weekend......don't want the graphics card to melt on me. there a pikom PC fair this weekend? where? if it sounds like graphics card or monitor problem to your brother after he hears of this problem, i'll most likely buy this at the pc fair instead of lugging the whole PC to a technician.
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