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Default Re: Help!!!! IT help required!!

the motherboard MELTED??!!!!...what did you put that computer through?..haah..ya my brother did say about the pikom PC fair..apparently they only call it a PC fair but instead the computers remain at the same price and some companies also marked up the price!!

Originally Posted by blackie007 View Post guys are having fun at my expense while i'm away ahhh....the proverbial the mouse comes out to play while the cat is away ah?

i'm back

anyway, we went to the PC fair, but didn't see any good deals. then we took the CPU to the technician, and upon opening up the casing, we saw that the motherboard has "melted"!!!!! several of those round chip-like things have expanded. the graphics card's fan has stopped functioning, too.

so hubby bought me a new set....
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