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Talking Caution....this URL link is racist...

Yeah, it's reminds me of that movie "Lost in Translation".

I used the babelfish to translate into Chinese what I want to say, then I used it to translate back into English to see see what the chinese words it gave me meant, and it really made me laugh....especially when dog is my buddy turned out as "dog is the waiter".... I had to change it to dog is my friend to get the right meaning.

Anyway, I just wanted to see how many people here can think for themselves, and have a good curious mind to find out why the link I posted in the first post is biased.

And now.....this post in my blog is racist....yes, really racist. >>>

Originally Posted by dog is my buddy View Post
布莱基007, 好笑! 看起来这个词健全有趣的.
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