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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by kmleong View Post
Here I took some pictures of my apartment. Give some comments on what you think about the surrounding and the neighbour.

The first picture is the neighbour that always makes the complaint (arrow on the left) the arrow on the right is another neighbour which is next to me. The other picture shows the window looking out from my 2nd room. As you can see there are lots of rubbish. The cleaner came and clear it a few months ago if not you will see a bigger pile of rubbish.

Here are also some pictures of my cats. See how well they are taken care of.
kmleong, your cats sure are adorable! Very healthy lookin' too. But after looking at the pictures, I still can't tell if it really affects your neighbour as I can't feel how the wind flow is at your lot. Izit windy there?
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