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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by kmleong View Post
Sometimes it gets very breezy like as if a storm is coming. From my place to his is about 30 path walking steps. A year ago when I got a call from the management about the smell about my neighbour complaining he suggested using dettol. After use one bottle finish I use Ajax which was left over a few years ago cause I bought like 2-3 bottles when I moved in. Now my cats are with Stella I mop with dettol again, just bought a new bottle. During the meeting he ask me after transfer ask me to clean the whole house. He also suggest to ask someone to spray the whole house which cose few hundred ringgit. Who he think he is after gotten my cats evicted and asking me to clean the whole house? What is he thinking? that I'm rearing a cat farm?
Hey kmleong, to do as told to mop with Dettol is absolutely fine, but about the specialist spraying thing, I am not sure if that's gonna work even after you did, you might end up spending few hundred or thousand ringgit and still they will complain again with other stuffs, maybe like, should repaint your walls, should change your furnitures, should install new ventilation fan in front of your house, and etc, I mean, try something savvy that can make them stop complaining. Just a suggestion, if you have a stand fan, maybe you could try on facing your fan out to your balcony to let the air flow that way? Maybe to use Dettol and mop at the walkway towards your neighbour's house? Or anything that shows you are doing some hardworks of improving the comfort living there, inform the management that you have done almost all and see how your neighbour tells again. If they are still complaining again that even now there are absolute no cats in your house, then they might have a problem looking a fight with you, but not the cats.
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