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Default Re: Cats in Apartments

Originally Posted by nur azua View Post
yes..i get the info clearly..kunci ketat3 sume bottle chemical ye...nanti terminum pulak..

kmleong, i think if the management still complaint about the smell eventhough your cats are no longer in the means that, the management got some problem..maybe the smell come from other places..i really hope that your problem will be solved a.s.a.p..
After I moved my cats they don't bother me anymore. What I'm trying to say is during the meeting with the comitee and the neighbour after I agreed to put them in the management's house he (the neighbour) suggested that I clean the whole house so I just said i will just mop the floor and ask me what i clean with so I said with dettol then he suggest why not call the ppl come and spray which means he's going overboard you know what I mean? i do take care of my cats and my house it's not like I take them in and leave them and not care for them (the cats) and not clean my house. Is like something small he's trying to make it a big issue like as if my house is a pig farm.
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