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Default Re: Letter from an Animal Shelter Manager - the sad truth

Sad to say, but if SPCA does not get real and changes the way it operates and manages things, until the day it dies, it will be continue to:

1) Have 30 kennels to shelter strays or pets brought in (because they do not have money to build more or even the land space);

2) Have 2 staff to run the centre (because they do not have money to hire more);

3) Can only give food which has been donated by the public or buy cheap kibbles and not those super premium ones because you need to feed the dogs at least twice a day (this is 30 dogs we are talking about);

4) Dream of spaying everything which comes through your door but each spaying cost RM150 each (a poor estimation);

5) Receive 600 dogs a month while getting 10 adoptions a month and getting less;

6) Try to sell all the items donated by the public hoping to generate some cash to buy essentials;

7) Struggle to feed medication, vaccination etc etc to those healthy dogs before they are homed (all this costs money);

8) Open their shelter to the public 6 days a week but hardly anyone walks in;

9) Spend time pondering whether the organisation can still survive another week with the RM200 you have left to run the shelter and everybody loses their jobs. Sit and hope that some kind souls will come this week to donate.
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