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Default Re: Letter from an Animal Shelter Manager - the sad truth

Dear Mr Andy Koh

Just so you know... I have been in the act of criticizing SPCA left~right~up~down~center for quite some time now.... As i have and a few other forummers justified before, SPCA stands for SOCIETY OF THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY OF ANIMALS... Does anyone freaking know what that means? It means that they are the people who have taken up a particular task... Which is to see to the prevention of animal cruelty... That should be their first priority... I don't freaking care how they do it... but as long as they do it... I'll cease to criticize them..

I quote:
I know of a friend who emailed SPCA to report a pack of stray puppies discovered at a vacant house, and within 1 hour, received a call from SPCA for more information, and hours later, they have sent their van over to pick the puppies up. You might be able to give negative examples, but so can others give positive ones.
Do you not think that i have never done it before? From my point of view, they MIGHT be doing so because your friends found puppies and it might be near SPCA... I have called SPCA before regarding a stray dog at my old factory at Port Klang. That poor dog was bitten in the ear and infection sets in resulting a big hole on its head with maggots all over... I called SPCA to help... And their response, Klang is too far away... And they asked me to find a way to bring the dog to them.... If i am able to do so... I would not need to ask for help need I??

Let's face it, there are thousands of strays everywhere and lots of calls for help, requests to surrender pets, investigations into abuse cases etc - do you think SPCA can efficiently respond to every single request and handle each case to your satisfaction? We are not even satisfied with the customer service of large corporations with hundreds of support staff, so there is an extent to how much SPCA can do with their limited resources.
I quote from The News Straits Times dated 02/03/2009 (i think)
Since last year, the SPCA has been steadily getting each month about 650 pets which are given up by owners, compared with 500 in 2007.
More homeless animals are expected as the year rolls on.
IF SPCA would have done their job in the first place, this would be reduced drastically... I'm not saying that it would not happen anymore, but at least the number of people aware that animals cannot be treated like a piece of garbage. They need to do something and rethink what is their main objective... Since they already know/think that the number of pets being given away is going to increase, they should step up their awareness campaigns....


My point again... Why can Noah's Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary in Johor able to cope? And from the news i read, NANAS actually took in 2 horses from SPCA to rehabilitate with NO CHARGES! With so many high and mighty financial backers I'm surprised with SPCA....

It is always easy for you to criticize someone or some organization. Just like everyone who loves to complain about their jobs and bosses. BUT, put yourself into your boss' shoes, and you will see a whole different picture. There are many opposing forces, competing priorities, legal restraints and dozens of other issues to be considered when actions are to be taken, and red tape is bound to arise in organizations.
Been there, done that... That is why I stop to put myself in SPCA's shoes... Every time i do that, I think of more and more and more issues why SPCA is not doing what it is supposed to do.... Like I mentioned before and again and again, SPCA is supposed to prevent cruelty... Why cant people put it in their gd dmn thick head?