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Default Re: Letter from an Animal Shelter Manager - the sad truth

Originally Posted by FurKids View Post
Nivek, it is more urgent and effective for SPCA to go to the residents community committees rather than schools. They really need to address the hostile, animal hating parents and adults. The residents are the ones throwing away animals, beating them and preventing sympathetic animal lovers from helping the animals (many are strays) ... they want to starve them to death hoping the stray problems will go away. SPCA and most shelters are full already, the strays can be helped by the community committee spaying/neutering the strays and allow discreet feeding stations without hostile neighbours continually threatening to poison the animals. The spayed/neutered animals in the neighbourhood will not reproduce and continue to live out their natural lives. Nivek, there will never be enough space and $$ for shelters, that is why to reduce the killings at the shelter, another alternative as done by overseas SPCA is to release the spayed/neutered animals into the same place they were found but the neighbourhood animal hating people must be educated and persuaded that this is a non-cruel and humane choice. And this is where SPCA has the clout that others do not have because of the very name that they carry.
Again, why don't you take the initiative to start this and make SPCA redundant?