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Default Re: Letter from an Animal Shelter Manager - the sad truth

Originally Posted by lynielime View Post
Yes furkids i do realize that spca needs to make improvements in their strategy towards improving animal welfare in malaysia. i'm not a complete idiot thank you very much.

what i'm saying is, even with all this bitching and moaning about spca more members of the public should and can also do their part to help. it's everyones responsibility.
No, Lynie, no animal lover is ever an idiot! Anyway, you used the word, not me ... , no, you no idiot, Lynie!

But some people keep bemoaning that some people are not helping, neither are they donating, just criticising. What these stubbornly bemoaning people are not getting is the fact that these people are not helping nor donating due to the simple fact that they are disillussioned with SPCA but criticising SPCA because they claim to stand for something which they do not live up to.

It is not wrong to criticise. And many people label criticism as positive if it is what they long to hear, and label as negative if it is something they do not want to hear, however true or constructive. They have not learned to filter out their emotions (leave all their emotional baggage in the next room) and analyse logically.
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