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Old 08-27-2012, 12:08 AM
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Default Tuxedo cats are too smart for their own good!

I am beginning to believe in this article I once read about Tuxedo cats being smarter than other cats up to 200% and other cats in the same household will benefit. I live with two five months old kittens. One is a Domestic Shorthair Tuxedo and another is a Russian Blue-X...

Although the Russian Blue-X is much bigger in size, the Tuxedo is definitely the leader at my household. Recently, I have done the following changes at home:
  1. Switched my open-top garbage bin to the type with lid and placing dumbell above the lid to prevent my cats from rummaging for table scraps
  2. Keeping away food in covered containers and leaving them on top of my two-door fridge
  3. Keeping the bathroom door (sliding door) shut all the time so that my cats will not drink off the bathroom floor and risk getting worms

This weekend, I discovered the following:
  1. The too smart for her own good tuxedo cat (1.6kg) has learnt how to push the 2kg dumbell off the garbage bin lid, open the lid and rummage for table scraps and share them with the Russian Blue!!!!
  2. The Tuxedo cat was ON my fridge top, and the fridge is as tall as I am (5' 3")!
  3. Found my bathroom door gapping on two occassions and my Tuxedo cat in the bathroom, happily drinking off the floor!!!

What should I do?

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Old 08-29-2012, 10:58 PM
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Default Re: Tuxedo cats are too smart for their own good!

Such fun kitties you have My cat doesn't rummage through garbage bins because she's like, "Eww...leftover human food. Yuck! ". I feel like I'm a level beneath her all the time

Here's what you can do:-

1) Get the bins with covers that can be locked shut. You know the ones where you can twist and it locks into a slot? Keep the outer parts of the bin and cover as clean as possible. That means no leftover gravy flowing down the sides or scraps stuck to the cover..etc. Use a tissue or paper towel to wipe it. If possible, empty your trash at night/daily so your kitties have nothing to rummage.

2) You can't stop them from climbing because they are masters of heights. Keep leftover food in the microwave oven, if you have one. It's definitely safe in there and there will be no food smell to attract the kitties. Or make sure your containers are really secure to avoid spills in case the kitties swat them off the top of the fridge.

3) Get some kind of lock for your bathroom door, such as a hook to hold the door shut properly.

4) Make a water fountain for your kitties with tips from the DIY thread. All you need is a plastic container and an aquarium water pump. I saw some pictures of people doing that. Your cats should love it too and will avoid them from drinking water from the bathroom.

Good luck
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