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Old 01-02-2010, 09:56 PM
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Default Stop Eating Herbal Jelly - Kwai Ling Ko

Help me save turtles :)

Long time ago i never touch this black jelly eventhough i love jelly. I can eat any jelly but definitely not this. It is very popular lately especially having local celebrities promoting this Herbal Jelly chain around in Malaysia. Recently i even saw Wong Chui Ling promoting that jelly - goodness me... she should actually go watch how they actually go kill the turtle before you promote such dessert! It is very popular in Hong Kong and China - not suprising they almost eat anything.

I dont go against them or so but one should stop eating and i dont find it any benefits as claimed. Yes they can claim for health benefits - you can go use the herbs to do the jelly but by adding the crushed turtle shell - it another way for idiot like that to make profit and goes marketing telling it is good - to cure your health, cure cancer, make your skin young - craps - those day people dont eat such things to get healthy.

I get very geli and almost vomit when i saw the clip as i remembered seeing the documentary showed from China how to actually make that. They actually whack and hit the turtle dead - they kill thousand everyday. Break their shells into half where their meat are still intact to the shell. Then they go sun it or make it high heat till the shell become dry and crush into small powder - packed and make it dessert called Kwai Ling Ko..my goodness.

There are so many other jelly to eat outside - you can even make yourself - very simple but i dont encourage you to put that into your dessert list or to say its for health benefits - CRAPS!

See this article :- Click Here!

Before you put that dessert into your mouth - See this !!!
If you can digest this - then continue eating !
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Old 01-03-2010, 01:38 AM
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Default Re: Stop Eating Herbal Jelly - Kwai Ling Ko

Eii yikes! . Just look at that poor struggling turtle!
What on earth they think they are!
I wonder why these people still have this primitive way of thinking... eating this part of that animal and this animal can cure some diseases. Some more they willing to pay thousands bucks just to get this "wild" meal to fulfill their "wild" dream .
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Old 02-21-2010, 06:12 PM
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Default Re: Stop Eating Herbal Jelly - Kwai Ling Ko

Another form of cruelty lies in ourselves whenever we consume meat and I don't agree that humans need meat to survive. We always have a choice to decide what to eat.

NO offense but I just pity those creatures.
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