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Old 04-21-2009, 01:29 PM
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Thumbs down Re: Petster Magazine - Poor Service, Lousy Management

Originally Posted by William Tan View Post
Hello guys, I am William from Petster Magazine. I was told by Andy bout the problem here in this forum and I decided to investigate it myself. After reading all the comments posted, I am sorry if we'd shown a bad service to subscribers. But I just wanna share a little side of our story of what's actually going on. Hmm, we are actually an events company (something not really related) but one day, we decided to publish a mag on what we have passion most, yes, pets. I admit that we are very new to the whole FREE mag thingy and many things started manually, ... etc. manual subscription record on physical paper and things were easy back then when we have less than 100 subscribers. As time goes by, the number of subscribers actually increased, almost close to a thousand now. The staff for this no-money-making department is less than ten, yes, you guys are right and we dont intend to make a huge profit out of it as our events business can able to cover Petster Magazine's monthly expenses. We r just trying to bloom up the pet's industry here by doing all we can. Since we are an events company, we focused more on events. That's why sometimes we do pet charity events when there's a slot of venue or budget. Ok, before I talk bout something not related to the problem, let me clarify the problem first :-

1. First, a huge delay happened (the last mag we sent out was actually the January 2009 issue) why? because we changed our magazine's sizing, in publishing, whatever changes that has been made, no matter it is about the size, or price or concept, - it has to be reported to the government (bla bla bla) to get a approved permit to proceed with printing. As usual... when we decided to change the size of the mag to a A5 (of course, this happened after hearing tons of comments from hundreds of readers saying it wud be more practical to carry one around and of course, a more solid mag), the permit approval process took us almost 3 months! We cant do anything but to hold on publishing till the greenlight is given. Our mag just completed printing last week and we'd just sent out the mags according to the address given by subscribers.

2. Second, for those who do not receive any mags at all, most probably it wud be a postage error - meaning wrong address given or we typed in the address wrongly. But sometimes, we find it hard to read handwritings which r not clear and also there are cases where payment is made without any contact no. given. - and we do not know who made the payment.

We, Petster Magazine, do not believe in cheating 20 bucks from those who r supporting our mag. The 20 bucks are charged for postage only and the mag is ALWAYS FREE! So, to solve all subscription issues :-

please email distribution@petstermagazine.com these details :-

NAME : eg. John Lee
ADDRESS : eg. No. 3, Jalan Pinang, Bukit Ampang, 54000 bla bla bla
CONTACT NO. eg. 012-3474XXX
PROBLEM (Please mention ur subscription period) : eg. I subscribed for 12 months and till now I'd only received issue 8, 9 & 10.

Simple, I'd hired someone to personally take care of all these problems and I ensure u that you'll get what u'd paid eventhough we have to send it again.
For those who emailed us, we'll contact u to clarify on ur address so that we dun receive bounced mails again.

So sorry again guys, we r truly pet lovers and we hoped to help pet lovers. We'll try to improve on the mag as time goes by (everyone does) and we hope to continue getting ur support!

To know our maincore business - you guys can visit this site :- www.leisurevents.com
First of all, please don't use the above as an excuse to push all the false your all did away. Trying to "bloom up the pet's industry" ? Is it the real agenda to have this publication ? Be honestly ok.

What ever your intention is, that's not important, but if you all collected people money, then you all should delivered, fair right? And didn't means that RM 20 for the subscription can allow you guy did a such lousy job.

If you all really feel is hard to maintain this so call "no-money-making" business, just stop the publication and refund the money to people. Else please really put your afford into this. I foresee this problem will happen again. So please ask the guy u hired really take this as a serious matter that he need to called up or email to confirm your subscriber get the mag. Not assuming all the subscriber that haven't received come here and read this thread. Do post this message to ur mag or website.
Old 04-21-2009, 05:47 PM
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Default Re: Petster Magazine - Poor Service, Lousy Management

extremepetlover, pls stop accusing we are fake. You have no evidence to back that statement, pls. And , we dun feel hard at all to maintain this business, and even we need to refund the RM20, we do not need to stop the publication or the business to do that. We know what our objectives are and I hope u dun make blind judgements like that in the future. As I said, I hired someone to do the job and he will do the job. You can stop subscribing if u dun have faith in us but i think it will not be fair to sabotage us like that in the open forum. We are strong in our maincore and we will find solution to handle the problem, you do not need to teach us. At least, we are trying to solve the problem now ... understand?
Old 04-21-2009, 06:19 PM
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Default Re: Petster Magazine - Poor Service, Lousy Management


Thank you for your clarifications on this issue.

For any members that wish to check on their subscriptions or payments, please PM or email William directly. I believe you would be receiving your new magazines shortly.

This thread will be closed. Please get in touch with me should there be any need to reopen this thread.
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