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Old 11-22-2010, 12:34 PM
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Red face 3 days of strict dieting of best quality food for her shiny fur and healthy skin!

I tried and applied my knowledge & experiences with the help of my hubby & Manekineko's 2nd opinion to our kitten who is suffering from dry skin.
Dry skin symptoms might be on stress, climate change, allergies, suffering from fungal, tapeworm, lice or she misses mama's cat milk or change her food intake from what used to etc. - all my worries

Ashanta is 4 months and I don't want her to take to the vet because she gone through so much as kitten. She went vaccination, de-worming, neuter, anti-rabies and 9 hours flight (one stop over in KLIA).

This is what I did for her skin problem.
She loves to eat 5X a day but consume of food is moderate and water not coming from the pipe or bottled mineral water just plain and filtered.
We have a menu for her. I just summarized the info.

1st and 2nd day her breakfast , she eats her wet food (I mixed Natural Balance & Evo Turkey-Chicken Formula).
I put one tsp of olive oil per serve this is also to help her against fur ball problem.
3rd day - just the Evo mix with slices of celery and banana.

1st and 2nd day lunchtime, she eat small portion of lamb meat and bone partially blanched parsley and 2nd day with blended flax seeds, 1 cube of cheese, cooked pumpkin and 1 tsp of olive oil until puree -about 1/8 - 1/4 glass of this to mix in the meat and bone as sauce.

3rd day - beef & beef bone worth (RM 3.50 only) partially boiled with blended cooked cauliflower, carrots & smashed potato (with 2 tsps of olive oil) small amount only, about 1/8 glass of it- like a sauce gravy for her.

I only feed dry food as a snack 'coz she complains if the bowl is empty. I used only good quality holistic food and sadly Blackwood is not one of them. Her dry food is Nutriedge and mix with Avoderm.
For a Burmese cat , it is loud when she demands and can be noisy , too, simply 'coz her food bowl is empty but if she is happy her meow is so soft , sweet and very quiet.

Dinner, she eats raw or boiled food.
1st night -she ate boiled yellow egg with her boiled fish (enough the flesh is white and no blood)- no rice.
2nd night - she ate partially cooked chicken liver mixed with chicken meat (a tsp of olive oil)
3rd night - Natural Balance mixed with blended small portion of salmon, carrot and flax seed (blend until crushed- less than 1/8 of glass).

Combing hair everyday and put 'gamat' on open wound where she scratch.
Manekineko advice me after 1 week or so 'coz she just took a bath before 3 days of strict diet, after shampoo, wash with mix vinegar and my hubby ask me to put 3 drops of olive oil on warm water.

No more flaky skin, her wounds are dried, no reddish, no scratching and her fur is growing again. No chemical or over-the-top counter medicines or spray.
It is not fungal or lice problem or dandruff.
It is just her skin is dry.

With this diet though, when she poo, it is very less and quite smelly but with the litter, it helps suppress the odor and she poo in our bathroom only. I put the litter box there. She is caged-free.

Please remember, we did not put salt, spices or anything to the food directly. During boil we just put 1/2 pinch of salt while boiling the meat or bone or egg (use only the yellow part of the egg).

But if dryness / flakes and other symptoms persist, please consult your vet.

Hope this information helps.
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