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Old 02-09-2012, 05:51 PM
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Default Chow Chow died after simple eye procedure - advice needed!

Hi Friends and fellow Petlovers,

We sent in our perfectly healthy and most lovable 3 year old Chow Chow to a well known Taman Megah vet yesterday for a simple procedure on his eyelids.

He had entropion which free-dog-tips.com, describes as :

"Another medical condition Chow Chows suffer from is entropion. Check to see if the puppies or their parents have runny eyes. If so, they may well suffer from entropion, which is a condition caused by eyelid abnormality in which the dog's eyelids are turned inwards rather than outwards. This irritates the eye and can even lead to your pet turning blind. If detected in time, entropion can be corrected with surgery. If, after you buy your puppy, you do see inflamed or runny eyes or crusty eyelids, you should take him to the veterinarian immediately.''

We left him there fasted at 2pm. The nurse called at 6pm saying surgery was over and we could pick him by 8pm. At 8pm, he was unresponsive in the cage at the back of the clinic which was fan cooled (no AC). They checked his temperature and it was so high, the thermometer could not give a reading!!
For 2 hours, they tried to bring his temperature down, all this while, they said he had gotten heat stroke and we believed it.
After 2 hours of pouring ice water over his body and using ice packs, his temperature finally normalized but he was still unconscious. All the while we asked the senior vet whether he would be ok and he kept nodding.
At midnight, his temperature began dropping (36 degrees) and he was given towels and a heating pad instead.
Somewhere in between, he vomited once and later and opened and closed his jaw a few times - his pulse was also strong and we had hoped that this were all signs he was awakening.
At 1.30am, he suddenly stiffened and we called the clinic staff in who tried to resuscitate him but he did not make it. We were left in shock, dazed, angry and feeling cheated.
We asked the senior vet how this kind of thing could have happened and he had the audacity to reply if I know this kind of thing will happen, I wouldn't touch your dog! What an abomination!

After leaving there and all of today, we try to reason what had happened and we doubt he had heat stroke as he was not left outside/in the sun etc.

Also found this on free-dog-tips.com today:

"4. Chow Chows have Intolerance to anesthesia: Chow owners are often worried about their pets being intolerant to anesthesia, resulting in complications or even death during surgery. This happens because this breed is said to have small hearts in comparison to their body weight. Since anesthesia is given according to body weight, the dog receives a much larger dose than his heart can handle. Always check to be sure your veterinarian knows about this condition before he uses anesthesia on your Chow Chow."

Please advise if anyone has any experience like this and what is your perception? Please help! Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
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