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Old 12-25-2008, 03:56 PM
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Default Re: MCC International Cat Show - 21 Dec 08

Originally Posted by Hazlie View Post
hi nana, congrats skali lg..tok u..hurmm ur bintang baik sgt ari tue i tgk dier diam je..bukan cam Putri heheh..wat hal plak..bising2 kt depan tue...
dier tkezut..hehehe..neway kalo u x tegur i pun x kenal..hehehe...
aper2pun putri tetap dihati...lepas nie kena cari kwn dier sorank lg..at least x la takut sgt pas nie kalo msk next show..
Hehe..tu pn sb Nana cam muke si Putri tu…unique dia tu..sng nak kenal…dia dah gi skali, next time dah kurang la kot takutnya tu..

Originally Posted by June View Post
nana,ko jgn peduli dgn kata2 org yg jealous tu.dengki dgn kucing kampung sebab kuicng durang kalah.apa durang ingat kucing kampung teda standard kah?? jgn biarkan perkara2 kecik mcm ni bikin ko amik hati.pedulikan durang.yg penting Bintang sudah prove yg kucing kampung pun bukan teda standard.
Yala..kak june, kucing pungut ni pun, bukan alang2 standard dia sb sda kena spoil…hehe..

Originally Posted by abgraldo View Post
Yup, and it will be two rings at least! so double the prizes, double the chances, hehe... kalau ada menang ler..hehe (any way menang kalah x penting, yg penting we have pesented our cats as best as we could/should). Anyway, Putri masih lagi K6, Littail Mike and Bintang dah K10, hehehe...
next time, Bulan’s turn la kot… Pakcu dah xbwk Raldo ke? Huhu..tu favorite Nana tu…

Originally Posted by shanim View Post
Hi, nana..
ingat lagik kt awk.. awk ad tegur kite time tu..
1st time nampak awk tgh grooming bintang, comeyy nye bintang tu.. mmg patut dia menang..
lgpun judge yg nie pilih sume betul2 domestic cat..
abis sume kucing yg gebu n mahal tu sume..
ap nak buat tuah di kaki sape tau..
Ha’ah…lawa Nico tu..Cume dia marah kot, sume org dok usik2 dia…sp suruh, comel sgt…kn sume org nak pegang..hehe..
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Old 12-25-2008, 07:00 PM
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Default Re: MCC International Cat Show - 21 Dec 08

Congratulation to a successful show & from the way it sound it certainly look more successful then the 1 in Amcorp, hehe...

Too bad I cudn't make it as Felis Wonder had 2 MCO in this show & the owner call to tell me that his boy Tom Coon won the best in his category. This time she sent 2 boys to the show instead of the 2 brother & sister, Nicol Kidmaine is the sister of Tom Coon who seldom failed to impress the judges.

Best Maine Coon Cattery in CFA ID Asia/LA since 2004
The only Maine Coon cattery with 3 DM, 3 Top Ten MCO National & produce the most GC/GP (30) & DW (12) in CFA ID Asia/LA
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Old 12-25-2008, 09:04 PM
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Default Re: MCC International Cat Show - 21 Dec 08

waaa..bajet nak masuk la catshow kat pavilion nnt...Acha da umor 8-9 bulan n Rosey da 5 bulan..so ape2 nnt pakcu inform eh...
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