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Hall of Shame There are lots of cruel and inconsiderate people out there. Expose their cruel deeds to the world and let them be shamed!

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Old 10-07-2010, 01:01 PM
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Default Beware of Simon L a bogus dog trainer from Melaka

Recent news there are bogus vets exist and so are dog trainers. If you want to get your pet to be obedience, best you train it yourself. I got cheated by a trainer named Simon L in Melaka. So beware, feel free to ask and seek out more information before you waste your money.

More information on Simon bogus dog trainer. He drives a Wira and lives in Ujong Pasir not far from the corner coffee ahop. He smooth talker and said that he has long years of experience in training dogs and he has learnt them in Germany but he cant produce any paper qualification to certify this. When I observe him train the dogs I began to have my doubts. He is very unprofessional. He pick up calls or messages when he trains. Sometimes he has other appointments and calls comes in but he lies to the person on phone that he is somewhere. It happened in front of me. It shows his dishonesty. He charges $800 to $1200 per 10 sessions of 1 and half hours. But each sessions was not even up to 1 half hours, sometimes it is less an hour. All the time I notice that he only train 3 commands till very end. It is cheating. Never believe what these people tells you especially their experiences etc. It can be lies. Best if you get yourself educated by reading books like cesar milan etc on dog behaviour n psychology and patiently spend time with your dog and train them slowly. Eventually it will be a positive result.

Do your homework first if you wanna get your dog train. Go to a reputable and paying extra would probably ensure your dog gets its training well.

And remember to get your receipts or black & white agreement. I learnt my lessons from this Simon jerk. Imagine 1 person or per dog he charges $800 minimum, if ten dogs= $8000 undeclared tax free.

Ladies if you engage him for your dog training, I suggest you be careful as Simon ask lots of personal questions of you. I was ask of my financial status a couple of times. I didnt realise it because as time goes you thought he is your friend. It is a form of sexual harrasment and to top it he always makes empty promises. Eg. He will says he's good at feng shui etc etc... then he promise you he'll give you some plants or even amulets to help you with your feng shui etc.. But in the end nothing he will give you. It is all bull shit. Same goes for the promises he will be able to do with your dogs. Watch him how he trains your dog every session. My mistake was not to see it all the time and worse he may harm your dog as he chokes your dog hard to be submissive. Never trust him. He gain our trust by doing all this sweet talk and I fell into it that I even gave him my gate key so that he wont have problem of training my dog when I am not around. I supposed he's a strong believer of Thai charms that it works. Watch his amulets around him. Being a lady sometimes we cant help but to fall into this trap. He is smart to bring older woman with him and introduced as his aunt to convince you of his capablities. Please observe if you do come across him.
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Old 10-07-2010, 02:07 PM
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Default Re: Beware of Simon L a bogus dog trainer from Melaka

Oh crap, doesn't sound good...
We identify the Devil by his horns of a ram, and his hooves of a goat, yet we fail to observe that his shape is that of a Man.
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