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Old 06-18-2008, 10:04 AM
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Smile How To Make Your Animals Live Longer Lives

Helping your animals to have a long life really depends on you having a good understanding of what your pet needs - its nutrient requirements, its sheltering requirements (including temperature), its exercise needs and any particular habits it has in the wild which need to be either encouraged or managed in a pet context.


1. Feed your animals properly. Know what nutrients your pet requires. Do not make wild guesses or assume that because you saw a relative feeding a similar pet on similar food that you know what to do. It is vital that you do your research and ask professionals such as breeders, vets and people in animal clubs for more information. Read library or Internet information on your chosen pet. Map out the food requirements of your pet, including the things you might need to do if your pets become unhealthy.
2. Give your pet fresh water every day. Your pet will need hydration every day, with frequent top-ups during hot weather. Water should be provided to your pet in the amounts and in a form that are adequate for your pet. For instance, a bowl will suffice for a dog or a cat but a bottle-like attachable container is probably more appropriate for a rat and cotton soaked ball for a delicate bird or insect. It all really depends on the pet and its level of health and hydration, so do your research first.
3. Play with your pet every day, if appropriate. Playing with cats and dogs is a great way to bind and help them to keep fit. It might not be such a good idea with your pet tarantula; however, you should be aware of what does amuse such a pet to remove any source of bored behavior. Again, do your research into the level of fitness that needs to be maintained by the type of pet that you have chosen and the ways in which you can provide this stimulus, exercise and enjoyment for your pet.
4. Take your pet to the vet or animal specialist regularly. This is one of your responsibilities as an owner. If you have a specialized pet, take it to a specialized vet.
5. Train your pet. If you have a pet capable of being trained, it is often prudent to train it in obedience measures that will keep it and others safe. Training animals from dogs to birds to elephants can make life easier for you and can also be a source of bonding and fun for the two of you. Just remember, some birds can never keep quiet once you have trained them to talk...


* Make sure you choose a pet that is right for you. Research before you buy, don't just buy something because it is cute.
* It's okay if you pamper your pet, but be sure to give it food, shelter, water and a few toys to keep them happier. A happy pet is a healthy pet!
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Old 06-20-2008, 02:10 PM
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Default Re: How To Make Your Animals Live Longer Lives

Nice article.. thanks for the tips!

Owners should give decent attention to their pets' health, just like their own health. Then again, many people don't even bother about their own health either haha...
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