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Old 03-17-2010, 12:36 PM
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Default Re: MPS (Selayang) - Pound Dog Cruelty

SPCA Notice Board :

Sun :

DVS Deputy DG Encourages Eating Dogs and Cats to Solve Stray problem?

PETALING JAYA (March 7, 2010): People with a penchant for exotic meat should be allowed to buy dogs from dog pounds for consumption, Veterinary Services Department (VSD) deputy director general Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar says.

Ahmad Suhaimi, who made the suggestion at a forum on effective animal pound management organised by the Petaling Jaya City Council’s Canine Advisory Team last week, said people who have no qualms about eating dog meat should be allowed to eat dogs kept in pounds.

“Do we have to keep the dogs at the pounds forever?” he asked. “They are animals, just like chickens or goats,” he added.He said consuming dogs kept in pounds will help to check the number of strays at the pounds and help address any unmanageable increase of strays. His suggestion sparked an outburst from a veterinarian who was among those attending the forum.

Without identifying herself, the vet, who appeared to be quite emotional, said: “About consuming dogs, the answer is simply no.” She said as an animal lover, it was unimaginable to consume dogs and strays at that. “I find the suggestion inhumane and cruel,” she said.

Ahmad Suhaimi responded by saying he too did not have the stomach to eat stray dogs, but as a veterinarian who is required to think clinically, it is important to consider all options when dealing with the issue of strays. “I like to think outside the box,” he said with a laugh, which received some sniggers from those present. Ahmad Suhaimi’s pitch, however, did not make the cut.

The forum made five recommendations for animal pound management. This were that local councils should work with the veterinary department; local councils should cooperate with NGOs on catching strays; micro-chipping canines for easy ownership identification, educating pet owners and more stringent licensing laws.A total of 12 local councils participated in the forum which was held in light of media reports last week about the appalling conditions at the Selayang Municipal Council’s (MPS) dog pound.

State executive councillor for health Dr Xavier Jayakumar, at a press conference earlier, said municipal councils have been instructed to maintain cleanliness at their pounds, and to work with the VSD. Officers in charge also have to treat sick animals and follow guidelines when euthanising them. -- theSun

SPCA Says : It is illegal to eat dogs & cats in Hong Kong, Korea and Philippines and it is banned in Taiwan. China’s growing middle class is pushing for a law against the eating of dogs & cats in their progressive country. It is shocking that Malaysian authorities are proposing eating dogs as a means to curb the stray dog population. As protectors of animals, it is a shame to propose this barbaric, inhumane, cruel and totally unacceptable solution. Instead they should propose humane, effective, sustainable and socially acceptable measures like high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinics and promote Responsible Pet Ownership.

Speak Up For The Voiceless
Please write in to the authorities, and tell them politely but firmly that you would like to illegalize the eating of cats and dogs in Malaysia – like Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, and Taiwan have done. It is not in the Malaysian culture to eat these domestic animals, and it is a cruel trade that many animal welfare organizations worldwide are lobbying to ban.

Dato Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar
Veterinary Services Department (VSD) deputy director general
tkpkv@dvs.gov.my / suhaimi@dvs.com.my

Dato Dr Abd. Aziz Jamaluddin
Veterinary Services Department (VSD) director general
Kp@dvs.gov.my / azizj@dvs.gov.my
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Name:	16March10_eatingdogs.jpg
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Default Re: MPS (Selayang) - Pound Dog Cruelty

Malay Mail :
Mar 2010

Datuk Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar - dogs for human consumption-Veterinary Services Department (DVS)

PETALING JAYA: Despite public furore, Veterinary Services Department (DVS) deputy directorgeneral, Datuk Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar, is sticking by his suggestion last week that stray dogs held at pounds be sold for human consumption — as a method of stray management.

While acknowledging it was a "sensitive" statement, the DVS deputy DG in charge of veterinary health, told The Malay Mail his words were unnecessarily 'sensationalised'. He insisted that the suggestion would create a "win-win" situation, explaining that stray dogs captured are now kept for seven days — and humanely euthanised if the dogs remained unclaimed after the week. "Once the dog is caught and nobody claims it, what do you suggest we do? If people want to consume (dogs), why not let them?

"We have to pay for euthanasia as it has to be done professionally by a veterinarian. In any case, who are we to euthanise any animal?" posed Dr Ahmad. If the slaughter of an animal is for the purpose of consumption, Dr Ahmad argued that "in principle, most religions would basically allow the slaughter". Still, he pointed out that he was not asking people to just eat dog meat. He argued that foreigners like the Vietnamese and Koreans consume dog meat; and understood this was a sensitive issue for Malaysian culture and standards.

"We should not impose our values onto others. If you cannot eat dog meat, you cannot stop me from taking it. Like pork, for example. I cannot eat it but I cannot stop you from eating it. "This is how we have been able to live harmoniously in Malaysia. We have to be open. It is an individual decision, if others want to eat it, it is up to them."

Stating he was merely throwing in the idea, he told The Paper That Cares: "I knew it was sensitive, I purposely said it. It was high time to say it. The NGOs are all against it and I know the dog is a pet to most of us." Even a farmer, who has raised his cattle lovingly would not be willing to eat the animal when slaughtered, he noted.

"I do stress that if the dogs are to be slaughtered, it must then be done properly and there should be no cruelty at all." Dr Ahmad also claimed that while there were a few people who objected to his suggestion at the forum on effective animal pound management, organised by the Petaling Jaya Municipal Council Canine Advisory Team on March 2, he felt the body language of many there suggested they were "excited" by his words.

The suggestion to sell caught stray dogs for consumption will help ease the system and reduce the council's problem. Let this be a lesson to pet owners to not let their dogs stray. It is a matter of responsible pet ownership. We have to educate pet owners, but this will take a long time."

Howling in horror over statements

CHIN: Labels Dr Ahmad's suggestion 'barbaric'

KUALA LUMPUR: Animal lovers are up in arms over the suggestion by Veterinary Services Department's (DVS) top man condoning the slaughter of stray dogs for human consumption.

Describing the suggestion as barbaric, the Selangor Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is now demanding that DVS deputy director-general (veterinary health) Datuk Dr Ahmad Suhaimi Omar, retract this suggestion.

Visibly upset, SPCA chaiman Christine Chin told The Malay Mail that SPCA was extremely disappointed with Dr Ahmad’s suggestion — especially in view of his position as the “number two or three person in DVS, who should be promoting humane, sustainable, effective and acceptable solutions to the stray problem".

“He is not a nobody,” Chin pointed out. "As a possible DVS director-general candidate, he is supposed to be protecting the animals. "He is in charge of prosecuting people who are cruel to animals.”

While she felt Dr Ahmad did make some good suggestions during the March 2 forum on effective animal pound management, Chin described the dog meat suggestion as having thrown DVS back to the dark ages and undermined every bit of good DVS had ever done, especially in drafting its 2008 guidelines on humane dog-catching methods.

Stating that Dr Ahmad's suggestion was "barbaric, inhumane, provocative, unbelievable and incredulous", she said: “We are a society that doesn’t eat dogs. It is not a custom in Malaysia.

"Even in China, animal lovers have banded together to seek legal amendments to ban the consumption of dogs and cats. In Taiwan, it is illegal. What about cats?”

Meanwhile, Malaysian animalassisted therapy society for the disabled and elderly (Petpositive) president, Anthony Thanasayan, described Dr Ahmad’s suggestion as “misplaced and terribly insensitive.”

THANASAYAN: Dogs are life savers .He said the suggestion only reflected how out of touch DVS was.“That he thinks dogs are only good as food on the table shows what he thinks of the role animals have been playing in our society, especially today.

“Dr Ahmad must remember that if a building falls down and he gets caught in the rubble, it is not a chicken that will come to save him. He would have to rely on the dog he suggests we eat.” He said dogs are loving and play a positive role such as saving people’s lives and helping those in need of therapy.

Noting sarcastically that Dr Ahmad may have felt he was being clever, Thanasayan said the suggestion was purely a cerebral statement and not from the heart. “Whatever he was trying or hoping to do, it did not work… he might as well ask us to eat our children.” Thanasayan also pointed out that dogs from the pounds often carried disease and no one would want to or should eat such meat.
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Default Re: MPS (Selayang) - Pound Dog Cruelty

BABARIC ATTITUDE, no wonders there is a lot of cruelty around, if Minister themselves started it. I am a Muslim, but I strongly believe no animals be treated this way even if they are HARAM to one religion. I am so ashame..................

Now I am wondering what they do to cats, it is smaller, so my guess is if no one eats them, are they bruttally killed?????????????????????
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Old 04-03-2010, 01:14 PM
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Default Re: MPS (Selayang) - Pound Dog Cruelty

MPS President Yang Dipertua Dato' Zainal Step in - MPS Dog Pound
2nd Apr Pet+Newsflash

You can now expect to witness a significant difference in how the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) treats animals and issues related to them within its vicinity. The first of the big changes can be seen as early as next month.

MPS will be the setting up a special committee to deal with issues of dogs and other animals under its care. This decision was reached this afternoon at a special inaugural meeting at the MPS headquarters in Menara MPS in Bandar Baru Selayang. It was chaired by the Yang DiPertua of MPS, Dato Zainal Abidin Azim.

Two municipal councillors Mr Gunarajah George and Dr Ramli Jusoh (a retired veterinarian) were also present at the meeting. They were selected to head the special committee. The others there were made up of Dr Razif Zainol Abidin, Head of Health and Licensing.

Representatives also included the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) in Gombak, Selangor and Putrajaya. Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) and Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK)'s Canine Advisory Team Chairman and President of PET+ Anthony Thanasayan was also at the meeting. Thanasayan received a special invitation by the Selayang Council.

He told PET+BLOGSPOT that he was also asked to attend the meeting by Dr Xavier Jayakumar who has been following developments in the various pounds in Selangor with keen interest. Dr Jayakumar is the Chairman of Health, Plantation Workers, The Poor and Caring Government in the state of Selangor.

A number of positive changes that residents in Selayang - and its animals can expect - once after the formation of the committee is as follows:

Special training in dog-catching to be coordinated by Dr Jayakumar's office. Help will also come from the DVS and MBPJ's canine-catching unit.

Skills training in pound management from the abovementioned sources and MPK.

•A gradual change of all outside staff to full MPS personnel in canine management and put-downs. The latter will be done with full supervision by trained veterinarians, including visiting vets.

Education programmes for dog owners on responsible pet ownership (RPO) which includes humane caring for pets and consideration for non pet lovers in the neighbourhood.

•Spay and neuter campaigns.

Dog day events that are specifically organised by MPS.

Other issues to be explored at future meetings are trap, neuter and release programmes for stray dogs and cats, dog parks, legislation to promote RPO. The Committee decided that NGOs can also play a role in the meetings. However, invitations will be sent out to them as and when their help is needed.


9th March 2010

Menara MPS, Persiaran 3
Bandar Baru Selayang
68100 Batu Caves

Attn : Dato’ Hj Zainol Abidin
MPS President

Yang Dipertua,


We are greatly distressed, shocked and appalled by MPS unmerciful treatment on MPS pound dogs for the past 3 years. The mass starvation to dogs in your MPS hell pound by your officers has drew a cry foul amongst the society.

The mistreatment of pound dogs by your officers has spread and many animal lovers are aghast. They enforce a crazy rule to bar all visitors including pet owner to enter the pound to claim their pet or deliver dog food. Those who want to search their pet or adopt a dog from the pound must first travel miles to office to get a consent letter from your offcier to enter the pound, after searching the dog, they have to travel miles again to office to pay RM1000 before they can travel miles to the pound to bail their dog out. The hatred of your officers on dogs makes them want to see these poor animals dead rather than a second chance to live.

Your officers's inhumane pound management has caused the Selayang residents lodged numerous complaints to your office. A good example was on 22nd Feb, an old Hindu woman and her grandson was crying hours outside MPS office to plead her dog to be returned to her ! Kindly take note that your officer trespass her backyard to seize her dog.

Your offciers' act which is above the law not only brought criticism to MPS in general but also has a negative impact on your management in particular. Being their superior, you are accountable on your subordinate’s wrongdoings. It is your duty to spot check the pound to ensure the pound guidelines are adhered ( as practiced BY DBKL Dir-Gen Dr Zainol who spot checked DBKL pound last Saturday under KL Mayor instruction). You should have removed the culprits immediately from managing the pound and should conduct a Domestic Inquiry (DI) on them in which DVS should sit in the panel. Thereafter, their remarks from the DI must be recorded in their Key Performance Index (KPI) respectively.

In 2007, you incurred the wrath of dog-lovers all over the world when you decided to initiate a financially rewarding dog-catching competition inviting the public to participate in what looked like ‘fun-filled festivity’ to reduce the stray population. You have yet to repent and repeat your mistake. You choose to pledge your support and grant your consent to your offciers to go even further on their cruelty on the pound dogs.

Lastly, I would like to reiterate that if your staff has gone against the law, the punishment has to be upon them. Failing of which your leadership is questionable !

Yours faithfully,
Justice for 1Malaysia

Cc : a) Prime Minister Office
b) Selangor MB – Tan Sri Abd Khalid
c) All Animal Welfare Group

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Default Re: MPS (Selayang) - Pound Dog Cruelty


Amend archaic Animal Act 1953

BEING an animal lover, I have been following closely issues concerning animal welfare, particularly on acts of cruelty to animals.

I applaud the many NGOs and animal welfare activists who have been championing the cause of animal welfare and working hard to draw the Government’s attention to amend the archaic Animal Act 1953 and make it relevant to current needs and challenges.

I fully understand the calls and aspirations by these activists for I myself have several pets in my home which I regard as members of my family.

I wish to associate myself with the numerous calls to the Government to act without further delay and introduce amendments to the Animal Act 1953 (2006 Amendment) to provide for deterrent punishment against those who are involved in acts of animal cruelty and abuses as well as to better enhance animal welfare.

Poor enforcement of an archaic law by the authority concerned is largely responsible for the rise in animal cruelty cases.

Besides seeking urgent amendments to the Act, more can be and should be done to educate the public on animal welfare and pet ownership so that they fully understand their responsibilities and help minimise acts of abuse and cruelty to those animals.

State Governments and local authorities also have an important role to play in animal welfare by providing land to be used as animal sanctuaries where all captured strays will be homed and looked after.

Municipal dog pounds must act to improve the deplorable conditions dogs are kept in. Catching strays must be done humanely and not in a cruel manner.

Animal welfare organisations should continue to pursue animal welfare issues by involving their elected representatives to raise such issues in Parliament.

The authority concerned had several years ago spoken of the need to amend the Animal Act 1953 and other related laws but nothing substantial has been done thus far.

I call on the Veterinary Services Department which is the custodian of animal welfare to brief the minister concerned on the urgent need to monitor animal welfare issues and introduce relevant provisions to minimise acts of animal cruelty and abuse.

The animals that share our planet are a part of us. It is our moral duty to protect them from harm and abuse.

On animal welfare, Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The greatness of a Nation can be seen by the way it treats its animals.”

Kuala Lumpur.
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