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Hall of Shame There are lots of cruel and inconsiderate people out there. Expose their cruel deeds to the world and let them be shamed!

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Default 2009 Half Year Resolution

The following are examples of 2009 resolutions for a breeder, an exhibitor, a fancier, a committee member of a club or show, an owner and of course how can we forget, as a judge as well.


1. I will breed a cat which had been registered as NOT FOR BREEDING and when the cat gave birth to kittens, I will register the mother as a different cat of the same colour class of the same breed.

2. I will do whatever it takes including smuggling my cat to another country to show my cat in order to be first in the Divisional Winner list. To do this, I will collaborate with another breeder in that country to handle my cat without applying travel documents by ignoring the risk that my cat may be put to sleep if got caught by their local authorities. But hey, what the heck, to win any sort of sacrifice will do.

3. I am the pioneer in Maine Coon breeding and my cats always win in cat competitions so therefore, no one should question my ethics and my conduct and I don’t care whether my public statement contains elements of racist remarks. I am also very good in being defensive.

Show Committee

1. When I am a member of a show committee, I will work as a team. My definition of ‘working as a team‘ is by playing the role of the Treasurer, the Secretary as well as Entry Clerk all at the same time although the Treasurer and Secretary post had been filled. I will ignore my Show Manager or Assistant Show Manager and do things my own way.

2. As Entry Clerk, I will use my own personal bank account to collect entry fees from exhibitors knowing the fact there is a designated account upon agreement by my show committee. My reasoning is that I can collect the fees faster and easier and I do not seek the approval from the Show Manager as well as my committee.

3. I chose to be ignorant by being immature and childish when the Show Manager told me that I had failed to perform my role as Entry Clerk because I had been busying myself calling for meetings whenever I deemed fit on the Show Secretary’s behalf, doing the accounts on the Treasurer’s behalf as well as other club’s matters without the instruction or knowledge of my Show Manager.

4. When there is a big international show, I will take the opportunity and declare myself as the Chairman of the show without the knowledge nor approval from the show committee so that I can steal all the limelight. At the same time, I will be ignorant of any sort of duties as show committee. I will also entertain the judges or VIPs by wining and dining with my wife / husband especially before the shows so that I can secure my cat(s) placement in the finals. I will most certainly forbid and condemn anyone (besides me) from taking the judges out during their stay.

Club Committee

1. I will completely ignore my role as office bearer whether I am the President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer or just plain Ordinary Committee Member. I will also ignore the responsibility towards the club members and also to the Registrar of Society. I will only focus on running cat competitions so that my and my friends’ cats will win.

2. I will not inform the club’s affiliation body regarding the resignation of my Secretary but instead request to them to change my ex-Secretary correspondence address to my home address. When the ex-Secretary found out, I will become defensive and blame it to the ex-Secretary him or herself for failing to inform the affiliation body about his/her resignation in order to divert the attention from the actual matter which is forgery and misrepresentation.

3. I will correspond either by email or posting in public forums or Yahoo list using my wife’s or husband’s name (in other words hiding behind my wife’s skirt or my husband’s pants) whom is also the President of a club so that no one will know it is me especially if I’d involved myself in political movements and the last thing I would want is my political friends found out and laughed at me for being involved in a cat club.

4. I will create a blog and smear the names of those who had revealed the truths of my misconduct and divert the audience’s attention from the actual matters.

5. As Secretary, I chose to be used by the President, Treasure or even a plain just Ordinary Committee Member or in other words any higher or lower ranking officers than me in my committee. I refused to use my brain and think on my own feet and most of all, voluntarily being used as a scapegoat for e.g. posting statements in the forum and yahoo list.

Cat Fancier / Owner

1. I will collect all types of Forest cats without taking into consideration of my financial status so that I can brag to the whole world and appear in the magazine or TV that I had owned all types of forest cats. When I could not pay the breeders, I will made (stupid) excuses after (stupid) excuses.

2. I will be as loud as possible so that the whole world will pay attention to what I had to say and putting all my 10 fingers and toes into any matters whether they approved or not of my involvement.

3. I will take my own sweet time and excuses for not neutering my semi-longhair domestic cat although knowing the fact I have some breeding male pedigree Maine Coons running around the house. I may have intention to breed my Maine Coon males to the female domestic cat.

4. I will open up a cat club hoping to have a new start after I had screwed up big time in the dog fancy by failing to keep my promises to hold shows in my region (which had pissed many dog fanciers here). Due to my action, many of these dog fanciers had now switch to become cat breeders, some being regarded as irresponsible breeders.

5. I will impersonate as a third person by registering myself in forums and yahoo list for the purpose of slandering anyone who decided to reveal the truths and all my wrongdoings.

6. I will coordinate with my fellow members to attack any individuals in public forums and yahoo list in order to divert the attention of the readers from seeing our mistakes and misconduct.


1. I will only choose to reply selected mails whenever and wherever I want although knowing the fact that I had been contracted to be a judge in a show. I do understand it is very imperative to have communications on both side especially when the show date is getting closer but I chose to ignore it.

2. I will only hear 1 side of a story which I can gain political advantage in my career and I may want to perceive that I am protecting my President in anyway no matter how wrong is he / she.

3. When I am the moderator of a public forum or yahoo list, I will choose to moderate all messages and approved them even though knowing the fact that the posts contain elements of character assassination. I will disapprove any messages or posts that had showed my mistake or jeopardizing my reputation although they were the truths.

4. I will expect to be treated like a king (or queen) when I go for overseas judging since I do not have the same treatment in my home country. I will expect to stay in a luxurious hotel, wine and dine without taking into the account the financial burden of the club and the high cost of running an international show.

5. When I perform my judging, I will put cats into the finals depending on the relationship that I have with the exhibitor and how I was being pampered during the duration of my stay for the show.

So, what do you think? How important is ethics nowadays? Being loud to show people that you are right but the fact is you are wrong or trying to mislead people? You see, being loud does not show that you are right or by keeping quiet does not mean that you are wrong. One must have courage to stood up for the truth. The last thing that anyone wants is a handful of schizos destroying the cat fancy (which I had already seen some in a land near near away….). So, my faithful readers, my last message to you before you make your new year resolution is this,

But for those who had done any points mentioned above, well… what can I say but listen to the music that I dedicated specially for you…

Again, a very good example would be the way of the very same people I once knew handling criticisms. It is just so amused to me (witnessed by a majority of the public) to see how these goons reacted so negatively when someone criticized about their behaviors, their remarks they had put in public forums, the way how unprofessionally a show is being handled etc (which is true anyway). Instead of accepting these criticisms as good faith and chance of improvements, these bunch of people blare it out in the public forums and slap these criticizers a lesson (or two). Worst still when a self-proclaimed Honorary thinks that with a little knowledge that he had, acted as if he is the so called experienced and of course not forgetting asking god for forgiveness when he had finished criticizing others.

So, you see… before start pointing finger towards other people, bare in mind that 3 of your own fingers are pointing back to yourself
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