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freewilly85 10-02-2013 07:49 PM

Lost Dog - Tmn Megah/ Mayang
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Siberian Husky (left in the photo) escaped from house on 1st Oct approx 7am in Tmn Megah/ Mayang area
1. short fur (shaven)
2. grey + white (salt & pepper)

PLS CONTACT 016-233 1635 if found. She has been missed dearly.{cry}

freewilly85 10-08-2013 04:59 PM

Re: Lost Dog - Tmn Megah/ Mayang
Dear All,

Please contact me at 016-2331635 if you spotted the dog around your area. Or a neighbour, or someone in your neighbourhood suddenly has a "new" dog that looks like her, do contact me.

She has been missing for a week. She was last seen in SS23 on Tuesday or Wednesday morning & reportedly seen in Tmn Megah Mas. She might have been "travelled" far from here already. Please contact me if she was seen around your area even though your area may seem "far" from here, it is possible that it is her.

Hope you all understand how it feels to have a family who went missing for a week.

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