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Cassie 04-01-2011 06:44 PM

Urgent need of a temporary fosterer ...please!
Hi all, need some urgent help. A friend of a friend rescued a 2 month old pup from being run over by a car. But they are unable to keep it. So for now, no picture to upload for adoption but we are looking for a fosterer who can help foster the puppy till we find it a good home. Or else its going to go to SPCA or PAWS and i am afraid it will soon be put to sleep :(. Please help.{cry}

Please contact me @ 016 254 8768 or drop me an email -

they rescued it today - 1 April 2011

please help, they cant keep it for long.

NOTE! expenses for the pup's food, lodging and medical will be covered by us.

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