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kennedy 09-28-2010 03:07 PM

2 Pedigree dogs Found
Our friends found 2 pedigree dogs on Sept. 10, 2010. They were wandering by themselves along the Bukit Gasing hiking trail. It is apparent that they are together as they both have similiar neck chains and seem inseparable and very caring of each other. Due to the fact that our compound is not conducive to 2 small dogs running around (they may escape through the wide gapped gate) we have placed them with a friend, who is also a dog lover. We have placed notices at the Bukit Gasing trail but so far there had been no response. We are looking to return them to their rightful owners, who will need to call me at 012-3281298 and tell me what breeds these 2 dogs are and to describe them. Hurry, it's been a while and the poor things must be missing their family.

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