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Wenghonn 10-24-2019 06:54 PM

Cheapest cat food site need advise
Hei guys , i started up this cat food oriented web site to help cat lover like us to compare all cat food in lazada and shopee so that we get to have the best cat food price all year long.

The idea sparked not because i am a businessmen or whatever , is just that there are alot of wild cat around the place that i stay (kepong) and i always keep a few cat food with me to give to the street cat .

And i have no ideas which cat food to give and also the price.So i decided to set up this website ,as i cannot find any good website regarding cat food review in malaysia .

I do not know is this website a good idea or not , feel free to comment on it ,and give constructive feedbacks .

This is a affiliate website ,means that i will get some commision i think is 0.75% ,if you do buy.

Feel free to give me some feedback so that i can improve it and serve cat lovers like us beter.

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