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Clement Anthony 12-21-2008 02:15 AM

Conjunctivitis in Cats
Pakcu's Question:
Cats sometimes do get conjunctivitis (if i spell it correctly). However it is easily treated with some normal eye ointment (chloramphenicol & terramycin), dispense by government animal clinics and normally heal within a week.
But, one of my cat, has been treated with the above for two weeks and later one week plus with a supposedly stronger version of ointment `fucithalmic' (after a suggestion by the govt Med. Asst that the above might be immune to the cat), and still has not recover. My worry now, the eye now has a bit of cataract look alike and always closed. Other than that, the cat still active and continue to have good appetite. What should i do now? Thanking you in advance.

My Suggestion:
First of all, are your cats examined by a veterinarian or by the Veterinary Asst?

If the cat is not responding to the above tropical antibiotics, I would suggest:
a. Use of oral antibiotic along with tropical eye ointment
b. Sent a sample of the eye discharge to the lab to identify the bacteria that is causing the problem and thereby identify the effective antibiotic for the conditions (the test is call Culture and Antibiotic Sensitivity Test), It can be carry out by most labs, example pathlab and gribbles.

With regards to your later problem of 'cataract', the patient has to be examine by a Veterinarian to diagnose.

naj1812 12-05-2009 12:06 PM

Re: Conjunctivitis in Cats
i would like to ask a few enquires..

is it a human medication?
the one that in a orange-yellow tube?

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