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Limph 12-19-2021 08:52 PM

Found lost white dog in Tmn Perling,jb
Hi, anyone lost a white dog in Taman perling? It looks like a terrier breed or snauzher or a Maltese or one of those furry mixes.Medium size . I couldn't tell as the fur is not long ( either cut short or it could have lost its fur from slight malnourishment or it has always been short) won't let me get close. I saw it two days in a row hanging around Jln kosa area , Tmn perling jb (2 Nd row of house next to kuan yin temple )while walking my dog. It doesn't seem to be from that that row of house (I would recognise it if it is from my neighbourhood ) .....and looks lost. No collar. Owner can call me 0137729383 if need direction.

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