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LC Lee 05-09-2017 04:02 PM

In urgent need for a fosterer/adopter for a dog that I rescued for second time
Vicky (2yr old female,spayed) was rescued as a pup at about 2months old and found a home ever since.However,after some time the adopter didn't honour certain things like "no unnecessary tying",etc and because the pup is now a young adult,it is no longer cute too.
Reaching an agreement , to find Vicky a new owner while the current owner keep her. Adoption took longer than expected and without notification ,the owner abandoned the poor dog at one of the shelters . It was one of my visitation later (thank goodness it was just few weeks after it happened ) that I learnt of Vicky's predicament .
Vicky was 'near death' as she was heart-broken,ill and in no time could have been PTS. Vicky was bailed out, brought to the vet and regained her health.
She was rehome again ,this time to a farm owner where 'freedom' was what match it all. However, the environment and the diet given - her body just couldn't adapt whereby her skin had fungal and redness. Also,the farm owner insist that I take her back for reasons which I've nothing to comment as this was referred by a friend's friend.
It has been 7wks now and I am running out of time to find Vicky a home. I've been trying for the past 7wks but to no avail and therefore am pleading for a kind soul to give this girl another chance ,either to foster or give me some avenues to place her. I have challenges on my own to take her in otherwise this post is not necessary at all. Hope someone can come forward to assist while finding Vicky a fur-ever home.
She has gone through much changes and I really hope to find the right candidate to give her the stability besides the TLC she yearns for...

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