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AndyKoh 05-19-2009 09:07 PM Welcomes WWF!

Dear Members,

We are delighted to announce that will begin working closely with World Wide Fund (WWF)-Malaysia to spread the message of wildlife and environment conservation.

This takes us animal lovers a leap further - let us all learn to appreciate and contribute towards preserving our beautiful and natural environment. With the looming threats of global warming, pollution and destruction of natural habitats, every one of us are crucial in implementing the necessary changes to rescue the environment.

WWF's team will be using this forum to inform our community on their latest events and activities, and will be able to address your questions and suggestions. So, besides adopting dogs and cats, now you can even "adopt" an orangutan, penguin, panda, tiger, polar bear and more!

Don't forget to keep a close lookout at this section for more upcoming information!

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